Our Club
We have been an organized club since 1996 and registered with the North American Model Boat Association (NAMBA) since that time. We welcome all racers of any age and skill level. 

Our club prides itself on being a family oriented club.  Longtime members are more than willing to help newer members with boat set up and driving skills. 

Our goal is to make fast electric model boat racing a fun experience for everyone.
Locations and Maps
Mirror Lake, Federal Way

31460 7th Pl SW
Federal Way

From I 5 take 320th st. exit and go west on 320th to Pacific Hwy. So. (Hwy 99)

Turn right heading north. Go 8 blocks to S. 312 st. and turn left. Stay on 312 st. until 8th Ave S.W.

Turn left. Go to "Y" in road and stay left. This is 7th Place S.W. Just before stop sign driveway on left

Lake Gardener, Granite Falls

31460 7th Pl SW
Federal Way

From 405 take the 522 exit as if going to Monroe.

Just past Woodinville take the highway 9 exit and stay on 9 until just north of Lake Stevens and turn east on highway 92.

From Everett, take highway 2 until it intersects with 9.

The lake is Lake Gardener in “Frank Mason Park” and is on the right side of the road just as you enter Granite Falls.

When you get to Granite Falls turn on Crooked Mile Rd. for about 2 blocks and turn onto Ray Gray Rd.  We will have a sign where the turn to the lake is

If you pass the fountain you have gone too far.
Alice Joy Lake

4603 S Machias Rd
Snohomish, WA
Coming from the North

Follow highway 9 like you would be going to Granite Falls but  DO NOT TURN ON HWY. 92  continue on Hwy. 9 through Lake Stevens, Clear View and a few more miles to the stop light at Bunk - Foss Rd. Get in the left turn lane  and go down the hill to the stop sign.

At this point you can turn left and go down Old Machias Rd. (do not turn off on any other road) and continue to the Stop sign at the bottom of the hill. The driveway is right across Machias RD. and go thru the gate and turn hard right and follow it to the lake.

Or if you go thru the Stop sign at the mid hill you can follow it down to the stop sign on Machias Rd. (There will be a Model airplane site on your left)  turn left and go about 3 or 4  good country  blocks (look for the black mailbox) the driveway is on your right go thru the gate and take a hard turn right  and follow the One lane road to the lake.

Coming from the South

Follow HWY. 9 and cross over the HWY.  2 bridge go thru the first stop LIGHT  to the second stop light and turn Right on Bunk / Foss Rd.and go down the hill as the above directions are given.

If you pass the driveway and come to the gravel pit  on you right or a school on you left  turn around  and go back down Machias Rd. until you reach the driveway.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Sandy Shore Lake Rd,
Quilcene, WA

Race Rules

All classes will conform to NAMBA rules except for special club rules (listed below). Reference NAMBA rules for electric competition here for further information.

A class will only be run when the three (3) boat minimum is met.
A race is considered "official" when no less than five club members are entered and at least two club officers are present.

All preliminary and final heats shall conform to NAMBA course size and laps. All classes go clockwise, turning right except for 1/10 Scale Hydro which will turn left (counter clockwise).

Each race is started with a 30-second audio countdown, with the race starting as the clock reaches zero.

All boats are required to be in the water by the 20-second mark of the countdown. Any boat not in the water at the 20-second mark will not be allowed to start.

All boats are required to be up and moving by the 10-second mark of the countdown. Any boat not running by the 10-second mark will be penalized one lap.

All boats must circle all bouys of the front and back stretch but cannot pass the back centerline bouy before the 10-second mark. Boats are to establish lanes by the time they reach the center bouy between turn 3 and 4. Lanes will be held as boats cross the starting line.
Jumping the gun is a one-lap penalty. Jumping the gun is defined as crossing the Start/Finish line inside the five second mark but before the clock reaches zero. Crossing the line before the 5-second mark does not qualify as a start, the boat must still fully circle the right hand turn and makes its start.

Damaging or missing a bouy is a one lap penalty.

If your boat goes dead in the water you are required to alert the other drivers immediately and state the location of your boat. Example: boat down left turn entrance pin.


Race Points

Points are awarded per heat as follows: 1st - 400; 2nd - 300; 3rd - 225; 4th - 169; 5th - 127; 6th - 96; 7th - 72; 8th - 54; 9th - 49; Did Not Finish: 25 (7th, 8th and 9th will only be raced in CrackerBox and "N1" Mono.

Points do not transfer from one boat to another, except a driver may chose to transfer to an identical subsitute hull.

The season class points champoinship will be based on your point totals for all races.

Awards will be given for the top finishers in season point totals at the final race of the year.

High Points champion is determined by a total of all points from all classes raced by each driver.

Points are accumulated on boat and driver together as one. No substitute drivers are allowed.

Points awarded on consolation races will count towards season high points at half value. The consolation heat winner has the option of dropping the consolation points and becoming the 6th boat in the final "N2" Sport Hydro class race.

Boat Appearance and Design

Any "N2" Sport Hydro participants will be required to build and trim the boat as closely as possible to the full size version.

All members will be required to product a photograph of the model boat's counterpart if any questions of authenticity arise for 10th and "N2" Sport Hydro.

To be eligible, the real unlimited has to have hit water and run.

Effort in scale realism is the desired attitude in "N2" Sport Hydro, "P" Sport Hydro and 10th Scale Hydro.

Accepted entries are "O" sport scale boats from Dumas, Blew By You, Hydro Marine and scratch built boats.

Modications to the ride surfaces are allowed providing they do not alter the deck aesthetics.

Oversized canard wings or horizontal stablizers are not allowed.

Clear plastic panels are allowed in canard styled boats to fill the area between the canard wing and the leading edge of the ram. Clear plastic hull additions in any other application are not allowed.

Final determination of boats qualifications will be made by Puget Sound Fast Electrics officials.

General Rules

Trying to get boat back on plane during a race is allowed providing that it be done in a way as to not interfere with any other boats on the coarse. Try to get to the infield or off the coarse of possible, missing a bouy however, requires one extra lap. If boats are approaching remained stopped until it is clear to proceed.

There is no excuse for striking a dead boat and it will disqualify you from that heat as well as create an immediate deduction of 300 points from your score for the day.

A driver may stop a heat if he feels his boat is in danger of sinking. However, the driver who stops the heat is not allowed to restart that heat.

All drivers must either be 2.4gh ready or they are required to carry two sets of crystals. Crystal frequencies are deteremined by club seniority. We use a frequency pin system which requires a pin to be attached to your transmitter anytime it is turned on. Frequency PINs must be returned to the pin board when not in use.

All drivers are required to count their laps aloud as they complete them so the officials will hear them.

Leaving any garbage or litter on or around any race site will be considered unsportsmanlike and will be penalized 500 points.

Striking any water fowl at anytime on race day will disqualify a driver from that heat or the next scheduled heat, with no points being awarded for that heat.

Drivers are not allowed to touch their boats once they have been placed in the water after the 20-second mark and during the duration of the race unless "officials" have given permission to do so. Permission is only given prior to a start of a heat race.

Driving Rules

Driving rules are simple. Maintain your lane and leave enough room for the other boats on the course.

All boats must circle the center bouys of the front and back stretch before entering turn 3. Boats are to establish lanes by the time they reach the center bouy between turn 3 and 4. Lanes will be held as boats cross the starting line.

A boat must have a 3-boat lengh clearance (approximately 6 feet) in front of or behind another boat to change lanes.

You cannot cut off another boat at any time.

Racing with respect to others equipment is desired. No one wants to see damage to boats or equipment.

Penalties will be called when a driving infraction results in an accident. A penalty deducts 300 points from the season total and no points will be awarded for that heat in which the penalty was given. In addition, if the penalty requires restarting a heat you are not allowed to start. Club officials or their appointees only can call penalties.

The 300 points will be given to the boat/driver that was hit.

Penalties may be questioned but are the sole responsibility of the Officials.

Boat Registration

Each club member may have two "N2" Sport  Hydro, two "P" Sport Hydro and two 1/10 Scale Hydro Modern and two 1/10 Scale Hydro Classic boats registered at any time.

A boat registration is the right to race a specific boat under the Puget Sound Fast Electrics Model Boat Club. This is done to avoid duplication of boats raced.

A boat is registered by mailing your request to the registrations officer-Club Secretary-
You must include 1.) Boat Name 2) Year of the boat #)  Boats are registered on a first come basis.

At season end you may keep your registration or pass them back to the registration pool.

At any point a member may throw away a registration freeing up room to register another boat. The discarded boat will be placed back into the registration pool. Remember, only two boats may be registered at one time in N"2" Sport Hydro, "P" Sport Hydro and 1/10 Scale Hydro.

Boat and Driver Qualification

Every new driver must qualify themselves as well as their boats for competition.
To qualify a driver must make a flying start within 5 seconds without jumping the gun. A driver must also run 4 laps, 2 on the inside lanes and 2 on the outside lanes under control.
A Puget Sound Fast Electrics official will determine a qualification.